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How to use Inline Search
How to use Inline Search
finds as you type, use the F3 and Enter Key to cycle between multiple results, highlight all results.

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Inline Search of IE7Pro is a fairly simple feature that does a great job of improving upon a heavily used browser function. No longer do you have to tolerate Internet Explorer's floating Find window getting in the way of the page you are viewing. The search pane sitting at the bottom of your browser window is something that Firefox users have become accustomed to and with this add-on the IE faithful can now enjoy the same convenience. Added bonuses like highlighting and "find as you type" practically make installing Inline Search a no-brainer.


1.Inline Search lets you search the current web page for a word or phrase.
2.A search pane is placed at the bottom of your Internet Explorer window.
3.Pressing CTRL+F displays this search pane if it closed, hijacking the shortcut keys for IE's default search.
4.The Find on this Page... option in IE's Edit menu still launches the browser's default Find window.
5."Find as you type" functionality actively searches for words or portions of a word as you type in the search box.
6.Match Case feature allows you to search for words or phrases in a case sensitive manner.
7.Optional Highlight All feature locates every instance of your search string and highlights it in yellow.
8.Buttons on the search pane let you jump to the previous or next instance of your search string on the current web page.
9.F3 or the Enter key also advances to the next occurrence of your search string.
10.SHIFT+F3 or SHIFT+Enter also jumps to the previous occurrence of your search string.

Shotcut Key

To make the most of Inline Search you need to learn a few shortcuts.

CTRL + F : to open/refresh the search pane
ESC : to close the search pane when in focus at search pane
F3 or ENTER : find the next occurrence
SHIFT + F3 : find the previous occurrence
SHIFT + ENTER : find the previous occurrence

Inline Search Screen Shot

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