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Use IE7Pro User Script to download youtube video
Download Youtube VideoDownload Youtube Video
Are your tired of copy&paste urls to download youtube video? Now it's even easier!

Simple Steps to Download Youtube Video

1. Download and Install IE7Pro 0.9.12 or above

2. Enable "Download Video from Youtube" in "Scripts&Plugins module " - "User Scripts"

3. Now on every youtube video page there should be a download like right beside the video , that says "save as..." to download this youtube video.

Youtube Video Download Link

4. click the download link, and save the video file as a .flv file. IE7 will try to save it as "get_video", you need to change the file type to .flv type, and change the first part to whatever you prefer.


5. Now you need to either download a media player that runs .flv flies, or download a program that converts them to other files types. Here are some links of both.

FLV PLayers

FLV Player
VLC player

FLV Converters

Riva FLV Encoder
Total Video Converter

Alternative User Script to Download Youtube Video

Another built-in User Script, "Download Video", supports YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe, Myspace,, Putfile, Dailymotion, Sevenload, and You can use that to download youtube video.
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