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AD Blocker Tips: How to Block Intellitxt Ads
How to Block Intellitxt Ads
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What is Intellitxt and How does it works?

IntelliTXT is a advertistment platform developed by Vibrant Media. Website authors insert a script into their pages which calls the IntelliTXT platform when a viewer views the page; this script then finds keywords on the page and double underlines them. When holding the mouse over the double underlined link, an advertisement associated with that word will pop up. Advertisers pay to have their ads associated with particular words. "Context" is considered ensuring that the ads are relevant to the web page hosting IntelliTXT.
The liability of this feature is that it makes pages more difficult to read; scrolling down the page may inadvertently cause delays while random ads flash on and pause before disappearing.
Intellitxt Ads

How to Block Intellitxt Ads

There are many way to remove Intellitxt Ads, IE7Pro Ad Blocker may be the easist way for Internet Explorer 7 user.

1. Open IE7Pro "Preferrence"  - "Ad blocker" to add Ad Blocker Rules

Config IE7Pro Ad Blocker

2. Select Filter Type as "Url Block Filter" and add "**" and "**"  to the rules.

3. Browse the website with intellitxt and You will found the Intellitxt Ads is disappeared.

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